Chelsea Green was released from WWE before she really had a chance to debut for Vince McMahon’s company. She ended up in ROH and Impact Wrestling, but there might have been some people trying to sabotage her next endeavors.

During her Green With Envy podcast, Chelsea Green went right into a story where she claimed that someone “at the top” of NXT called someone in ROH and told them not to hire her. Obviously, it didn’t work, because ROH did end up having her in anyway.

“Since we’re on that topic, a little birdie told me that — now this is juicy… I’m just going to get into it, f*ck it. When I debuted at Ring of Honor this summer, someone at the top of the NXT food chain called them to tell them that they shouldn’t hire me. So let me just get this straight. When I got fired from WWE, someone at the top of the NXT food chain called the company who was about to hire me to help me provide food for my f*cking family and for myself, and told them not to hire me?!

“So this is just me being petty and telling the world a little bit of tea, but I can’t believe a company would fire somebody and then try to block them from getting a job somewhere. Like it makes me sad, really sad. But on the flip side, I’m just so thankful to have had all the opportunities come my way since being released from WWE, and for Ring of Honor for putting faith in me and not listening to the big old f*cking machine. I’m just, I’m sad for everyone that’s losing their job. But I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it. So you know what, rant over it. That concludes my wrestling talk for this week and you’re welcome to those nosy nancies who have been wondering what’s going on.”

Chelsea Green didn’t reveal who made that shady phone call from NXT, but there are only a few people who are high enough in the developmental brand for it to really matter. Then again, things have changed so much backstage at NXT by now that she could have been talking about a lot of people.

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