Vince McMahon is the Chairman of WWE and oversees everything that goes on in the company, right down to the most minute of details. McMahon is larger than life and is known to do the craziest of things, many of which are true. That includes his legendary midnight workouts.

On the other hand, WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle has not returned to pro wrestling since his release, but that didn’t stop WWE from offering him a role. Angle also revealed the exorbitant amount of money he’d need to wrestle one more match.

In 2005, Kurt Angle engaged in a feud with Booker T. In it Angle was portrayed as an obsessed stalker as he went after Booker’s wife, Sharmell for weeks. The feud ended with Booker T on top.

While speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle talked about the storyline. Angle stated that he believed the storyline was Vince trying to rib him, as he believed that Vince was under the impression Angle had a fetish for black women.

“I have no idea where the idea came from. I think that Vince McMahon — You know, Vince is kind of a ribber. He’ll do stuff to mess with you a little bit and to kind of shove it in your face. I think he thought I had this fetish for black women. I like all women; white, black, Hispanic. It doesn’t matter. My wife is half-Hispanic half-Italian. So I think Vince thought I had this fetish for black women and he thought it’d be a funny program and I was not comfortable by any means. I had so much respect for Booker T and Sharmell. To do that and pretend I was stalking his wife, it was just the worst angle I’ve ever done. I did it anyway because I’ve always been a team player, but I was not comfortable while doing it.”

Vince McMahon also made Angle memorize a 3-page script in 10 minutes. Kurt Angle is enjoying his life in retirement after WrestleMania 35. We certainly wonder if he will make his return to pro wrestling one way or the other.

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