Liv Morgan fans are going wild on Twitter after the superstar stepped up to WWE Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch last night on Raw. Becky defended the title against Bianca Belair in a match that had a controversial finish to open the show. During a backstage segment with The Man, Liv stared down the champion.

Becky was defending her victory and trolling the fans backstage when Liv walked in and gave a cold stare to Becks. The confrontation came after a WWE 24/7 title comedy segment with Reggie. Becky was being interviewed by Sarah Schreiber when the interruption from Morgan came.

Liv and Becky stans alike took to Twitter to express their reactions to the confrontation. In typical Twitter fashion, there was a heated debate between fans of both superstars. It appears as though fans are ready for a Liv Morgan – Becky Lynch storyline. Liv Morgan fans were especially active in the discussions. She has an incredibly passionate fan base, to say the least.

“Babe you did a great job I can’t wait to see liv Morgan as raw womens champion”

Liv’s fans have been waiting a long time for a main event feud involving their favorite wrestler. Some are calling for the story to carry on until WrestleMania. Others aren’t so sure that Liv is ready for the big stage. Opinions varied wildly among WWE fans online. Some still don’t fully trust the company to give Liv a real push.

“We’ve been burned twice now with how WWE have failed to have Liv Morgan become Ms MITB earlier in the year. Then having her fail to win the first Queens Crown Tournament just recently. Praying the third time is the charm for Liv to finally have her moment and become a top star.”

The sentiment that Becky is the invisible hand holding Liv down is also not new to WWE Twitter. One fan even compared Becky Lynch to Hulk Hogan. There has been a lot of backstage politicking going on in WWE, but it likely doesn’t involve Becky Lynch.

“Poor Liv will be buried by BigEgo Becks. Being Honest Becky will not put #over to any girl. Maybe Bayley is the one that Beat Becky or Rhea. But This Becky give me Hulk Hogan’s vibes sis”

With fans expressing their excitement for a major feud between Becky Lynch and Liv Morgan, it seems like WWE is ready to finally pull the trigger. It isn’t yet known if the story will run through the Royal Rumble, but that seems like as good a place as any to have Liv earn a shot at the title.

Do you think WWE will book Liv Morgan over Becky Lynch for the title? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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