Bray Wyatt’s WWE release was a surprise for a lot of people, but new information is coming out surrounding his final months with the company. As Ringside News exclusively reported, there is an opinion within WWE that he deserved to be fired.

We previously reported that Wyatt had creative issues with his burned Fiend character. There were more issues other than just creative.

Ringside News was told by a tenured source, who was very close to the situation, that Wyatt was “difficult to get along with,” and being “outspoken was never an issue.”

We were additionally told that Bray Wyatt was “hard to find when needed.” Also, “when he had time off due to medical, there was always an issue with his appointment.” That led to even more frustration.

Eventually, things came to a head and he was released. The idea that Wyatt was a “money maker” was also breached, because that label was a bit difficult to gauge at the time of his departure.

To say he was a “money maker” is based on what formula since we wasn’t part of the company’s return to live events? So, he was a money maker based solely on his merch? Not as his contract level!

Bray Wyatt’s situation in WWE became one where “the problems grew larger and larger” and he was eventually let go. His name and likeness was attached to many ongoing WWE projects and third party partners of the company were a bit taken back that he was released. This situation seemed to be one that mounted until a difficult decision was finally made.

Windham Rotunda might tell all in a shoot interview someday and let his side of the story out. At this point, the entire pro wrestling world is waiting for that to happen.

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