Sting shocked the world when he made his debut in AEW last year in December. Since then he has been featured heavily on AEW television being paired up with Darby Allin. Many AEW stars want a piece of Sting, including Paul Wight. It seems Sting also isn’t one to play politics.

Despite being well over 60, Sting certainly has been competing at an unexpectedly high level and that has certainly impressed fans and pro wrestlers alike.

Sting also had a very solid run TNA for several years, where he was the world champion. On top of that he also helped put over numerous talents. He also worked with several big names, including Kurt Angle.

While speaking on an episode of The Kurt Angle Show, The Olympic Hero talked about debuting as the special enforcer for Sting’s Bound For Glory 2006 match against Jeff Jarrett. Back then, reports stated that Sting had no clue Angle was going to be added to the match until Angle actually arrived.

Angle said that he did not find it surprising whatsoever as Sting is not one to play politics backstage. Angle added that Sting cared for the company first and foremost.

“Sting did his own thing. He had no interest to be bothered when he was at home. I believe that he always found out what he was doing when he got to the building. So, it doesn’t surprise me that Sting didn’t know that I was going to be a part of that pay-per-view match. But, you know, that is just how Sting is.

Sting is not political by any means. He is not going to push for himself to be the champion. He is a good guy, and he is very fair about wanting to be a part of the company. He is not asking to be “the guy” in the company as he just wants to contribute. That is what I love about Sting. No politicalness there. He has a great attitude, and he always did. I have never been told that Sting did anything political or tried to push himself above anybody else. I was always told that he kept his mouth shut and did what he was told, and that is what I love about Sting,” 

Sting is currently having a great run in AEW being part of Darby Allin’s feud with MJF. Sting will remain one of the mainstays of AEW television for a long time as he will certainly stick with the company for years and end his career in AEW.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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