AEW fans are reeling over what went down between CM Punk and Eddie Kingston in a backstage segment on Rampage last night. Kingston just had an epic battle with Bryan Danielson, a very physical confrontation, and one that ended in a loss for Kingston. Then he ran into CM Punk backstage.

He was obviously not happy about the loss, having passed out during a submission applied by the American Dragon. He decided to take his frustrations off on CM Punk and legendary pro wrestling analyst, Tony Schiavone while the two were in the middle of an interview.

Well, it seems like CM Punk is finally going to have a lengthy feud with someone on the AEW roster, and it just might be with the highly experienced Kingston. Since coming to AEW, one of the only criticisms of Punk and AEW in their treatment and direction of him, is that his feuds or rather interactions with AEW stars, have been rather short-lived.

Judging by the interaction with Kingston and Punk, it would seem like this feud can be full of ups, downs and tons of bad blood, the two of them perfectly selling in favor of a lengthy feud worthy of a heck of a lot of attention.

As stated, the whole deal got quite a bit of attention on Twitter. Punk is now trending as of this writing, and the Tweets keep coming in. Of course, there are mixed feelings here, as is always the case in pro wrestling.

CM Punk’s response to Kingston’s tirade is perhaps the greatest wrestling soundbite of this generation; perfectly timed and perfectly executed:

“You want to go to sleep again? I saw what just happened to you.”

In the end, the match should be quite promising, especially seeing how the Danielson/Kingston match turned out. This should be golden for sure and whether comments are good or bad right now, it’s all hype and a heck of a lot of heat, and in pro wrestling, that’s what we undoubtedly want to see for sure.

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