Natalya has been a mainstay in WWE for so long it’s hard to imagine the women’s division without her. She’s a sure-fire WWE Hall of Famer after years of championships with the company.

Nattie says she has a list who she might want on stage to induct her when that day comes. Surprisingly, one of them isn’t even a wrestler. In a talk with WWE Deutschland, Natalya dropped some interesting names.

“I’ve thought very closely about Beth Phoenix because she was part of the most influential, special moments of my career and has been my best friend throughout this entire journey of WWE. Beth would be the right fit.”

Beth Phoenix would make perfect sense. The pair have shared a lot of moments in WWE and were considered some of the organizations best female competitors for a long time. The two helped start the women’s revolution that was to come.


Natalya also named another prominent celebrity as a potential inductor. Current NWA owner and Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan is also near the top of the list. She said she might not even be wrestling at this point if it wasn’t for Corgan.

“I’m really good friends with Billy Corgan and I love his passion for pro wrestling. I think about often how unique it would be to have somebody who is not in the wrestling world, not in WWE, I know Billy has NWA, but Billy Corgan is somebody who, in the early days of my career, when I almost gave up, I had a really bad knee injury and was sidelined for nine to twelve months. I couldn’t wrestle and it was my first really bad injury. I met Billy Corgan at Bret’s Hall of Fame ceremony and we became friends. He really motivated me and inspired me to keep fighting for my dreams. I go back to those days and I remember thinking, ‘I don’t think I’m meant to do this. This injury is a sign that I should get out and this isn’t for me. I don’t want to get hurt again.’ I coincidentally met Billy and he was really instrumental and pushed me to keep going and fighting for your dreams. He shared his story with me. He would be an interesting one to induct me because, what an incredible musician he is but it’s no unique that someone like Billy is part of my career and people don’t always know how instrumental he was in keeping me in the game.”

As of now, Nattie says Beth is the number one option. She’s keeping Corgan in mind just in case. Natalya was recently drafted to SmackDown in the WWE draft. She is a former SmackDown Womens champion, WWE Divas champion, and WWE Women’s Tag Team champion. She’s currently working in a tag team with Tamina.

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