Zelina Vega was released from WWE, but then they re-hired her few months later. The fact that she gets to keep her Twitch channel around this time is a clear indication that was part of her deal. Vega is now a Queen after winning the Queen’s Crown tournament, a historic win and the first of its kind. Vince McMahon had something special to say after she beat Doudrop at WWE Crown Jewel on October 21st.

Sports Illustrated spoke to Zelina Vega about her massive victory in Saudi Arabia. She is now the queen and Vince McMahon walked up to her after that victory and made it clear that she is royalty.

“Vince [McMahon] walked up to me after the match in the back and said, ‘You walked in here queen, and now it’s official. I almost lost it. This is finally my time to show out to everyone who I am. I’m not in anyone’s shadow. This is my time to show why I am a star. Queen Zelina, it feels so incredible to say that. I’m bringing it to Spanish, too—La Reina, that’s me. It feels absolutely right to say that. This is me, and it is mine. It’s been a hell of a journey, and I’m looking forward to continuing my story as Queen Zelina. Every time I step into the ring, I feel like I have to prove myself. I take this opportunity in WWE very seriously. This is my time, and it starts now.”

Vega said the Code Red she hit meant more to her than just a move in a match. Amazing Red meant so much to her career and paying homage to him was a spectacular thing to do.


“That Code Red wasn’t just a move for the match. And it wasn’t just about my journey in WWE. This is my journey in life, and up to this point, it is the greatest moment of my career. That Code Red wasn’t just a wrestling move; it was an exclamation point. It was me representing my family. That’s my cousin’s move. Amazing Red deserves so much credit for what he’s done, so that was for him. That was for my dad, too. And that was for me, to solidify my place and show that I belong here.”

When Amazing Red announced his retirement a ton of top WWE talent tweeted out to explain how important he was for them. His influence is seen all over pro wrestling and many fans might not realize it. Zelina Vega certainly took the opportunity to speak about Red while she could. Now she is in WWE once again and she can learn as much as possible from Vince McMahon.

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