The Plane Ride From Hell received a revived focus in recent memory thanks to Dark Side of the Ring. Ric Flair got a really bad look because of that episode on Vince, but Curt Hennig was also a focus of the show.

During the Plane Ride From Hell, Hennig was up to his own ribbing games. He was harassing Brock Lesnar to the point where the two legitimately wrestled all over the airplane. This caused a lot of commotion.

During the Kurt Angle show, the Olympic Hero remembered that famous flight from the UK to America. He also recalled exactly how angry the Beast Incarnate was at the time.

“I was on the plane when he was ribbing Brock Lesnar. Brock was trying to go sleep, and Curt Hennig just kept throwing alcohol on him, and throwing stuff at him, throwing it at his face! And Brock got so mad. Brock was going to kill him! I mean, five people had to hold Brock back. It was horrible; Curt Hennig kept doing it, though. He was crazy. He was a habitual ribber; that’s all he does, especially if he is not in the ring.”

Mr. Perfect entertained millions all over the world during his life. He also loved getting under the skin of anyone he could. Brock Lesnar was obviously not immune to that either. In the end, the two had quite a moment in the sky, even though Hennig later claimed that he kicked Lesnar’s ass in that fight.

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