Social media cannot seem to get enough of the Becky Lynch-Charlotte Flair confrontation that reportedly took place backstage after the infamous title exchange segment this past Friday on SmackDown. The WWE locker room is behind Becky Lynch and that is no surprise at all.

Multiple reports coming out over the weekend stated that the segment contained plenty of unscripted moments such as Charlotte throwing the belt on the floor when Lynch tried to grab it from her.

Now Wade Keller of PWTorch VIP has come up with an update on the alleged scuffle between the two faces of the WWE women’s division, saying that none of the female talent in the company wants to work with Flair due to her behavior.

“From what I’m told from people behind the scenes [is that] none of the women want to work with her. Like, not in the ring, in a match, not on the mic and I’ve sort of been not going into tons of detail on it and some situations there’s been some speculation [that] I didn’t want to get into in terms of what’s going on and what’s causing it but it became newsworthy again last night.”

Keller said he reached out to people backstage with insights into the incident, adding that the sources are not biased towards Flair but they see her responsible for what transpired on SmackDown this past Friday night.

“It’s just sort of people in WWE I talk to, some wrestlers and others, who are just reliable, and the stuff they tell me seems agenda-free and it’s played out as standing the test of time before…I don’t hear anyone defending Charlotte in this. Somebody in so many words said Becky is a hero to the locker room for calling out Charlotte and not letting her get away with what she does.”

Keller went on to add that Charlotte has a reputation for being difficult to work with and that the 35-year-old is allegedly concerned with reserving all the spotlight to herself; something that’s unerringly similar to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s behavior backstage during the Attitude Era.

“Charlotte has a reputation flat out for being difficult and constantly concerned that she’s not getting the respect that someone of her stature and accomplishment or at least her character stature and her character’s accomplishment. Maybe there’s a blending of the two right now that has some people wondering about her.”

“She feels that] she should be treated at a different level and that other stars who are on top had to work really hard to protect themselves. Steve Austin certainly had that reputation for going, ‘I’m not gonna do this, this isn’t making me look good, I’m too important’ but Charlotte doesn’t quite have that clout but she also isn’t conducting herself well.”

The audio update went on to state that Charlotte has since isolated herself from her peers and “there’s not a lot of friendliness” between her and the rest of the locker room.

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Manik Aftab

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