Cody Rhodes has said the AEW fanbase does not support the idea of “holding everybody accountable” for things that are presented within a certain environment, which in this case, is a television show.

Speaking on After Hours with Defo and Lubie, the AEW executive vice president talked about his company pushing the boundaries and dealing with naysayers and critics at the same time.

“How do we do it? I don’t know,” he said. He continued” “It’s such a sensitive time, as you know, and comedy is probably more targeted, stand-up comedy is probably more targeted than pro wrestling, but pro wrestling live interviews have definitely been — we’ve had to be more accountable.”

He added that performers within the AEW who say something controversial do so within a certain context and a particular setting and that their fanbase understands that wrestlers portray characters in a television setting.

“We’ve had to take a look at it, but also, those who are going to push the envelope do it under the absolute idea that what you’re seeing on television, this is the character that I am, don’t judge that in a civilian setting. And for people who understand that, which our fanbase does, there haven’t been these big calls to cancel.”

The former AEW TNT champion also referred to the Arn Anderson glock promo and said the reaction to the promo would have been different if he (Cody) or anybody else from his generation delivered the same promo.

“As silly as this was, Arn Anderson started talking about a glock on television the other day, and he simulated, with his hand, putting a glock to my head. And I’m positive that nobody would have been able to get away with that from my generation, but Arn, again, there’s such a charm to this retired coach of mine, veteran wrestler just telling me he’s gonna shoot me on television live on TNT.”

The 36-year-old added that the promo is a prime example of AEW “pushing the envelope” and that the fans did not take it to heart because they understand that such things are part of a “television show.”

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