AEW allows their performers to take their promos in mature directions and this week Arn Anderson pulled out a reference that was straight out of GTA. He pointed an imaginary gun at Cody Rhodes’ head and said that he would shoot a man for trying to hijack his car while the American Nightmare would give up his ride.

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Anderson’s promo on Dynamite seemed to signify that he is parting ways with Cody Rhodes. After Rhodes and Lee Johnson won their match, one which Johnson tagged himself in and got the pinfall, all Cody wanted to do was face Malakai Black again. Anderson had something to say about that as he painted a graphic analogy.

“A man jerks your door open and says, out of the car, I’m taking your car. You can, ‘take it, just don’t hurt me.’ You know what I do? I pull out the Glock, put it to his forehead and spill his brains all over the concrete. I’m Arn Anderson and all that implies and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna coach a loser!”


Anderson’s name trended on social media after that as fans talked about his graphic promo. It really isn’t commonplace for a pro wrestling company to talk about “spilling brains” on the concrete with Glocks during their programming. This caught a lot of attention and nearly 9k tweets were logged overnight.

Members of the pro wrestling community from all over commented on this shocking promo. Obviously, it did the trick, because people were talking about what Arn Anderson said.

You can check out a variety of tweets below along with a clip of that attention-grabbing promo.

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