Max Caster is known for his controversial bars as he freestyles his way to the ring. This week after AEW Dynamite was over, he had a surprise in store for the fans who gathered on October 16th, 2021; an epic burn to NXT was on the way.

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Max Caster came out and complained about how Tony Khan didn’t book The Acclaimed on Dynamite. Tony Khan just so happened to be out there at the time. Then he dropped a line that caused the Miami crowd to react like they just heard the sickest burn ever.

We’re trying to get live tonight, but Tony Khan won’t book us on Dynamite. I’m tired of you always hating, we’ll beat you just like we beat NXT in the ratings.


He also took a big shot at Top Dolla. After all, Top Dolla dropped his own dis track this week. We’re not sure if this rap will see the light of day on AEW television, but it certainly happened. Click here for our spoilers for AEW Rampage this week.

The crowd reacted like you would expect an AEW crowd to react after such an obvious jab at Vince McMahon’s company. You can check out the clip below to see what the entire Internet Wrestling Community is bound to be talking about soon enough.

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