Tong Khan has a lot to say about AEW and there is much to brag about. The company took off at a record pace and made great headway toward catching up to WWE. Vince McMahon’s company received a 40 year head start, but Tony Khan’s band of wrestlers is right behind them. Khan also isn’t afraid to comment on WWE programming and he recently stated that WWE’s flagship show sucked this week.

While speaking to the NY Post, Tony Khan made it clear that his focus is on competing with WWE’s larger events. RAW and SmackDown are both in his sights and he commented on how his company will match McMahon’s efforts.

WWE likes to use a commercial-free broadcast as a gimmick to increase viewership. Tony Khan said that he has more money than WWE does, so it would be no issue for him to take the commercials out of his own show.

“It’s a little bit different than the Wednesday Night Wars because that was from the very beginning of Dynamite, and we put our head down and it was an every-week thing. This seemed like pretty predatory, which is fine if that’s how you want to play it. It’s not outwardly how they’ve (WWE) shown they wanted to play it. I’ve coined a phrase which is WYW, watch your wrestling. Whatever people what to watch, I want them to watch it. Unfortunately, if we are on at the same time, it’s harder for people to watch their wrestling, at least live.


“We can take the commercials out of it. If you want to take the commercials out of it, I can do that too. It doesn’t seem very civil, but I have more money than they do, so I can afford to do that longer than they can. But that’s how we make money at the end of the day, so I was surprised when they took those out.”

Tony Khan is playing hardball against WWE, and this could get interesting. The pro wrestling world might also get turned on its head at this point. Khan has WWE in his sights and he realizes the kind of power his company possesses. AEW has a passionate fan base full of hungry fans waiting to see pro wrestling and some also get delight from watching WWE’s shortcomings.

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Felix Upton

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