Never one to be happy with where he’s at on the card unless it’s the top, Mustafa Ali has once again made his feelings public. The expecting father took to WWE-produced programming this time to voice his opinion. The superstar appeared on The Bump and he had quite a lot to say.

After giving a kayfabe threat to Mansoor to put over their match at Crown Jewel, Ali became more serious. Ali spoke to the failure of his previous hacker gimmick. He also went on to make some harsh claims about the way he’s been used in WWE.

“Yeah, the message carrier, the hacker, I thought it was something that had some legs. Obviously, with where we work and the industry itself, things are constantly changing. But who knows? Maybe, the hacker will return one day.”

With the #JusticeForAli hashtag gaining ground on social media, Ali just wants to be noticed. He says he needs a chance.

The WWE superstar claimed that not only was he the most underutilized talent in WWE, but that he was the most underutilized in the promotions entire history. That’s saying a lot, considering the talent that’s gone through over the years.

“I think I’m the most unheard voice in the history of WWE. [Stares straight into the hard camera] With zero hesitation in my voice, with no flinch whatsoever, I will say pound for pound, I am the most underutilized talent in this company’s history. Does that put it into perspective for you?”

Ali then tried to back up his bold statement. He accused the WWE Universe of being unable to handle or speak the truth.

Ali also pointed to Kofi Kingston’s big world title push after fans got behind him. He said that he just needs an opportunity. Ali said that he doesn’t need anyone’s support and that he’ll take care of things if he just gets the chance.

“You mentioned one person who did that hashtag, #JusticeForAli. Listen, I’m that same guy who came back from a serious, almost career-ending injury, and for weeks, all I heard was, ‘Kofi, Kofi,’ night in and night out. I moved on, but I’m rehashing here. Same thing at Money In The Bank. The next night, they were dancing with Brock [Lesnar]. Where was Justice for Ali then? I’m not looking for anyone’s support. I don’t need anyone’s support. The only thing I need is an opportunity. I’ll handle the rest.”

Is Mustafa Ali really the most underused superstar in WWE’s history? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quotes!

Michael Perry

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