Tony Khan has been a busy man this week. He’s also been very visible. In the midst of a public war with rival WWE, Khan publicly declared that “Raw sucked this week.” He also set up a live one-hour internet exclusive Buy-In show to compete directly with Smackdown this Friday.

While Khan has been busy, there is still the business of running AEW. In an interview with Brandon Walker on Rasslin’, the All Elite boss discussed plans for a potential future streaming deal for the promotion.

“I’m talking to great people about WarnerMedia and AEW partnering. I think there are great opportunities. I work with one of the biggest media companies in the world and they have a lot of great ideas. Hopefully, we can make a solution for the fans. Believe me, I get asked that question every day. I’m trying to build the library up. We’ve done over 100 episodes of Dynamite, pay-per-views, streaming specials, I have something nobody has ever seen before with The House Always Wins, a pay-per-view level card. It’s something I’ve been saving and it’s a great show nobody has ever seen. It’s going to be available.”

Khan makes a good point about the need to build up a library. With more than two years of content in the bag spanning Dynamite, Rampage, Dark, Dark Elevation, and PPV, they’re getting closer than ever. It’s also interesting that he mentioned “The House Always Wins,” an apparently never-before-seen AEW event that was of pay-per-view quality.

While there are currently international streaming options for AEW TV and domestically for PPV, fans have been clamoring for a one stop shop. AEW could potentially have a huge money maker on their hands with a standalone, on-demand WWE Network style service.

AEW airs on the Turner cable networks (TNT and soon TBS) in the United States. These networks are under the ownership umbrella of WarnerMedia, which leaves some great options, such as HBO Max, another Warner property. Tony seems to be working on it, so we’ll have to be patient.

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