Despite their controversial professional relationship over time, Lio Rush and Mark Henry are doing their best to make a fresh start in All Elite Wrestling. Henry, who claims Rush lied to him during their time in WWE, has also been accused by Rush of belittling African American wrestlers.

At one point, the feud became so serious that Rush threatened to sue Henry. Their disagreements became regular topics on internet wrestling gossip sites and message boards.

Fortunately for everyone involved, Rush spoke about the current state of his relationship with The World’s Strongest Man during an appearance on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette.

“Me and Mark Henry’s relationship is super cordial now,” he said. “I think it came down to two very strong personalities and two very different eras of wrestling and we agree to disagree. We’re about to be working together now and AEW is such an incredible place to be. It would be foolish of us to carry on any kind of whatever it was as it was pretty random and wild.”

Lio also recalled his first meeting with Henry at an AEW event.

“The first time I meet Tony Khan, I was walking backstage trying to meet him for the first time and somebody told me he was in his office. I’ll never forget, it was like a movie scene, I open up the door a little and I see Tony Khan. I open it up more and I see Mark Henry. I’m like, ‘of all times, why now?’ but I’m glad it happened that way because Tony knew about the issues we had together and he said we should probably talk it out, which we all agreed. We talked a little that night and I saw him again the other week. It was me coming down the hotel elevator and there’s Mark Henry just solo. I’m like, ‘Alright, great.’ We started talking and later on in the night, we figured we should take a picture because it was a pretty cool thing itself, just that we were able to have a conversation and I thought it would be cool for everyone to know that we had that conversation and squashed it,” he said.

It looks like all is well between the two stars. The two recently shared a backstage Kodak moment at Dynamite.

Will Lio Rush and Mark Henry be able to keep it professional? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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