Jerry Lawler has said a lot of things on commentary over the years that might be considered “crossing the line.” He let a line slip when calling a dive from  Akira Tozawa a “ramen noodle moonsault.” The King’s line was edited from future broadcasts and he believes it got him pulled from television.

While speaking at Wrestle Fest, Jerry Lawler went into his final faux pas on WWE RAW. He did not mean anything by the comment, but this slip of the tongue certainly got him some heat within the fan base. That attention from the fan base really put a spotlight on the line as well.

“So then one day I’m doing Raw and Tozawa is in the match. Tozawa does some kind of move and then we’re on live, you got to remember we’re on live and now Byron says ‘oh there it is! The spinning dragon’ something and I’m just thinking ‘oh, you made that up.’ And so the next thing, he goes to the top of the rope and he flies off and I looked at Byron and I said ‘oh look, there’s a ramen noodle moonsault.’ What is racist about that? I thought it was funny. That’s a ridiculous name, right?

“And all of a sudden, the internet blows up. ‘Oh, King’s a racist.’ Even Tozawa, the next week comes back and says ‘it’s nothing racist. I eat ramen noodles every week.’ But the next week I wasn’t on Raw anymore. So I don’t know if that’s what happened but anyway, you got to be very careful. So I should probably not say ‘Mr. Fuji’ with an accent.”

The timing of that Ramen Noodle Moonsault line and the WWE Hall of Famer getting pulled from RAW was a strange coincidence. Fans also shared plenty of opinions, memes, and outrage on the matter. Suddenly, Lawler was pulled from WWE RAW and they figured out a different commentary situation.

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