Drew McIntyre has been dominating the WWE roster since his big win at the Royal Rumble 2020. While he had left WWE for an IMPACT wrestling run, he only came back fully realized to take his place.

McIntyre aims to secure the WWE Universal Championship sometime soon, as he gets cozy on the blue brand. McIntyre took to revealing many new stories about one of the best WWE stars, The Undertaker himself. During a media scrum, he told a couple of stories.

I don’t think I mentioned it to him. I probably should. I’m sure he’ll find that amusing. But yeah that sucked. I wish I knew what I knew now back then because I had this lovely, lovely room. It was so gigantic and had like a dining room and a giant kitchen. And all I did was just sit there worried awake all night because I was like, ‘clearly there’s been a mistake. They thought like, Galloway-Calloway, they’ve clearly given me The Undertaker’s room.’ And I just sat there panicking all night, but if I go back now I totally would’ve made the most of that room.

McIntyre told another story about an internal joke between him and The Undertaker. The superstar was trying to grow a compelling beard in his first few years into the promotion. That always prompted the funniest reaction from The Undertaker.

I have done a couple of impressions to him which he doesn’t find as amusing. I reminded him of when I tried to grow the beard when I was younger. It wasn’t going very well when in fact we were on the road full time. I kind of walk down just walking up to him, ‘Sir.’ He’s like, ‘I’ve got more hair on my ass than you’ve got in your face, boy.’

The Undertaker took Drew McIntyre under his wing back in the day. That tutelage paid off and now Taker can watch from home to see Drew do his thing and use every that he taught him along the way.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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