Will Ospreay has dropped several big names as his potential opponents ahead of his scheduled bout against Alex Zayne at NJPW Showdown. Ospreay, who refers to himself as the “real” IWGP World Heavyweight Champion says he’d “love” to take on the likes of CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Kenny Omega, and Sammy Guevara. 

In an interview with SE Scoops, the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion listed Punk and Danielson among a host of other top AEW stars as his pick for future bouts. 

“I would still love that match with CM Punk. He’s the one that called me out. He said, ‘I want to wrestle Will Ospreay.’ So with that, Bryan Danielson, he said ‘I want to wrestle Will Ospreay’ and I get it. Kenny Omega wants to wrestle Will Ospreay. Take a ticket and I’ll get to you when I get to you guys. They called me out. Sammy Guevara, he’s another one that called me out.”

He further stated, “There’s a list that goes on and on and on. They all call me out and there’s a reason why. Because when Big Match Billy is in town, their stock goes up. Everyone that wrestles me – and you can’t deny it – every single person that wrestles me ups their game because they know they’re going to be in the ring with one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. So, I completely understand it.” 


Back in 2020, Punk had name dropped Ospreay as a potential opponent if he (Punk) were to ever return to the squared circle. Just a year later, the Chicago native made his much anticipated wrestling debut for AEW. 

Ospreay went on to add that he doesn’t like how Punk still refers to himself as ‘the best in the world’. The self-proclaimed ‘Big Match Billy’ instead put forward a question of his own: “Is he though? He says he’s the best wrestler in the world. When was he saying that, 2011? Was he the best in the world, or was he the best of the bad bunch?” 

“Maybe you were the best at that time. Are you the best now? No. You’re nowhere near Will Ospreay’s level. So step up, brother. I’m ready for you.” 

From the looks of it, Ospreay is more than ready for Punk but will AEW’s biggest signing up till now consider the challenge now that he’s back to wrestling full time. A Punk-Ospreay match is definitely one for the ages. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments section below!

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