The world can be a scary place and you never know who will take things a bit too far. Kiera Hogan and Diamante recently had a pretty awful experience when two men who followed them back to their hotel room.

Diamante and Hogan are popular in the pro wrestling world. This caused a couple fans to take things too far as they invaded their privacy in the process. Sadly, we’ve heard stories like this before and Diamante had to tell her own tale via social media.

The AEW star posted on Twitter to share two text graphics. “Posting this to vent and for awareness as well. I really am not the one to fuck with,” she captioned her tweet. You can read her story below:

Last night, Kiera and myself are in our hotel room for the night, we’re getting ready for bed watching TV when we hear a soft knock on the door. Don’t think much of it other than ok someone looking is for someone and maybe knocked on the wrong door. A few minutes go by and another knock but we can hear more than one person kinda run around. We look out the peep hole no one there. Ok now I’m getting aggravated. Finally I get up to see if I can catch who’s knocking on the door. They knock again, I open the door to two guys who followed Kiera and I towards our room. These two guys were knocking on different doors after midnight trying to find us after seeing us near the hot tub area earlier.


It’s sad that I have to address this on here, but guys/men DO NOT FOLLOW WOMEN TO THEIR ROOM. I don’t give a fuck what the situation is. It’s after midnight and your knocking on the door, how do you think that’s makes women feel? And no these two dudes were not just wrestling fans or wanting an autograph. Being a woman is hard enough but being in a same sex relationship with another women is 100 times harder. I’ve had so many issues when I go out to where I’ve almost gotten into physical altercations with grown ass men for being disrespectful to my relationship. Imma need someone to pray for patience for me cause I really don’t wanna end up on the news for hurting someone or someone hurting me. Lord knows I stand my ground, hopefully it’s not the hill I have to die on as well. Guys don’t be like this. That’s it.

It’s never a good idea to try and invade someone’s privacy in order to get their autograph or meet them. Diamante and Kiera Hogan can certainly attest to how some fans need to work on their boundaries. Thankfully, this situation didn’t escalate too much, because this kind of story could have ended in a very different way.

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