Eric Bischoff is a veteran in the pro wrestling business and is undoubtedly one of the greatest minds to have ever worked in it. He is well aware of the changing landscape of pro wrestling as well

After the massive success of the pay-per-view, Chris Jericho declared that the game changed after the conclusion of AEW All Out. Before that, Jericho also predicted that AEW Dynamite would end up defeating Monday Night RAW in ratings within the next 4-6 months.

Jericho’s prediction came true as AEW Dynamite defeated Monday Night RAW in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic which gave them .53 rating. They did so again the next week as well.

While speaking on his 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about the demographic wars between AEW and WWE and stated that he believes fans overestimate the importance of the coveted 18-49 demographic.


“I think if you’re an executive in a media buying company or advertising agency, I think [the 18-49 demographic] matters. To the rest of the world, it doesn’t mean two sh**s. But it is something that everybody can pat themselves on the back for, I’m talking about AEW supporters and fans. I’m not knocking it by the way, I’m excited that everybody is excited. But when somebody asks me what do you think about the focus [on the 18-49 demographic], it’s primarily driven by the internet wrestling community and people that write for it.

It’s not new, it’s been that way since I made the decision to go after the 18-49 male demo. Not because I was brilliant but because I knew there was no way I was going to beat WWE at what WWE was doing back before Nitro launched. 18-49 has always been important. Today it’s so much of a conversation because it’s a line item that those who are anti-WWE and pro-AEW can go, yeah, but AEW beat WWE in the demo. Big f***in deal, AEW on Wednesday night with no real competition for 18-49 gets a higher percentage of a demo than Monday Night RAW going head to head with Monday Night Football where the vast majority of the 18-49 year olds that watch wrestling also watch football. It’s like me getting into a fist fight with Mike Tyson’s kid and coming out on top of that. I’m just making this up, and if he did or he does, and I were to mop the floor with that 16-18 year old kid, that’s like me walking around saying I beat the sh** out of Tyson.”

Jim Cornette recently said that AEW will defeat Monday Night RAW in ratings if measures are not taken. It remains to be seen what will happen in the coming months.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the quotes.

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