RUSH is one of the most eyed ROH superstars. Now that his contract is expiring, many promotions might be open to recruiting him in their rosters. The former ROH champion is out of commission due to a knee surgery. However, once he’s all recovered, he’d be ready to re-enter the world of wrestling again.

Sports Illustrated interviewed the prolific ROH superstar, where he discussed what is going to be his future in the world of wrestling. He said that while he’s open to receiving offers from other PR promotions, he really appreciates ROH and would like to continue as well.

My contract expires in January. So far, we have not talked about a contract renewal. I am very grateful to ROH. I am also a man of challenges and goals, and I’m open to listening to everyone.

RUSH also talked about the choice he made on going ahead with his knee surgery. Being a prominent face at Ring Of Honor, RUSH’s momentum as a superstar was definitely hampered by his surgery. He revealed via a translator.


It was the most difficult decision of my career when I heard the doctor tell me that if I didn’t have surgery in a few years, there is a possibility I would make my situation worse and worse over time. So even though I did not want surgery, it is best for me. It is eight months out [of action], which pains me, but my knee will be 100%. That’s why I opted for surgery.

The news of RUSH’s contract being up soon was revealed earlier this month. The ROH superstar has been put out of action for the remainder of the 2021 due to his knee injury.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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