Kanyon’s episode of Dark Side of the Ring aired this week and the pro wrestling world is talking about him in big way. He was a troubled man, conflicted by not being allowed to come out in a world that might not accept him. This came with some serious demons which were put on full display. Raven could have contributed a lot, but he wasn’t called.

Kanyon was a member of Raven’s Flock in WCW, but Dark Side of the Ring totally glossed over that part of his career. They decided to focus on other aspects as they told his story.

Raven logged onto Twitter and he cleared things up for fans. Many wondered why Raven was absent from Kanyon’s episode. He provided a very simple explanation: he was never asked to participate.

For those who are wondering, I was not contacted to be a part of Kanyon’s Dark Side of the Ring episode… yeah, I’m as puzzled as anyone else why not. Our friendship had a lot of depth to it & I feel like I would’ve had quite a bit to contribute, unique to my perspective..


Raven and Kanyon had a friendship that could have added a lot to his story. There is only so much room on each episode so Dark Side of the Ring called The Young Bucks, Brian Cage, Sinister Minister and more instead.

We’ll have to see if Dark Side of the Ring ever calls Raven for a future episode. He could likely contribute a lot to many stories that the Vice series wants to tell.

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Felix Upton

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