Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring recently aired the second part of their third season that focused on The Plane Ride From Hell. Tommy Dreamer essentially excused what Ric Flair did on that plane and that resulted in him getting indefinitely suspended by Impact Wrestling.

There is also the chance that Ric Flair will be cancelled as well. Ric Flair might also get another bad look from next week’s episode of Dark Side Of The Ring.

In fact, many fans have called for AEW to never sign Ric Flair to a contract after the controversial Dark Side of the Ring episode as they do not console someone as toxic as Flair in the company.

While speaking his podcast, the Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette stated that he truly believes Ric Flair never wanted to hurt anyone during the Plane Ride From Hell but added that what Flair did during the flight was wrong.


“I hate that (Ric) Flair has come off looking like this because I know the guy. And I genuinely believe he never wanted to hurt anyone or offend anyone or freak anybody out or make anyone feel like that poor flight attendant felt. It was something that he did, that people wanted him to do so long that he never knew when to stop, I guess.

It was wrong and he shouldn’t have done it. It wasn’t the time, it wasn’t the place, and it wasn’t the people. There’s no excuse for it. But I still, just knowing Ric generally believe that down deep in his heart or brain or whatever, he didn’t think that he was offending anyone or doing anything wrong that anybody would remember and be pissed about the next day.”

Dark Side of the Ring truly opened up a can of worms and perhaps that was for the best as it might lead to a proper change for the betterment of the whole pro wrestling industry.

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