Vice’s Dark Side of the Ring brought out some troubling stories about the Plane Ride From Hell that were not out in the public. This caused a public outcry and other stories resurfaced along the way. One of those tales came from Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake as he handed down a serious allegation about the Rockers.

Beefcake said that Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels used “h-bombs,” a date rape drug, on women. Then they would throw the girls out in the hallway, sometimes naked, when they were finished with them. This caused some serious issues with some hotels.

The WWE Hall of Famer answered back to a fan saying that the story about the Rockers is not true. He had a very interesting way of dealing with this pushback in a tweet.

Just an urban legend… Just like Brian Knobs farting in front of Miss Elizabeth or Andre the giant Pooping in a trash bag on a flight overseas!

The Rockers are not a focus of Dark Side of the Ring, but they very well could be someday. We’ll just have to see what subject matter Vice’s incredibly popular pro wrestling show brings to the table if they get a fourth season.

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Felix Upton

Felix Upton has been writing professionally since 1989. His first writing job was penning advertisements for local newspapers around New York. After selling his grandfather’s pinball repair shop back in 2017, he was hired on for publish news for Ringside News.

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