Marty Jannetty is at it again, and it appears he hasn’t slowed down his partying ways. The former Rocker hit up Facebook for a little revelation about his drug use.

Jannetty launched into a pretty incoherent rant about drinking and partying. Then he said someone brought him “a salt shaker full of coke.” Don’t worry about Jannetty, because he doesn’t do cocaine anymore…. well, he doesn’t “do it much now at all sometimes,” whatever that means.

O M G!! Almost all these loved people here are partying..most offerings of loves by long can I hold off till after show? PLUS, I’m single, some of these innocent ladies are showing me too much, till after definitely will be moving back to Tampa (Clearwater for me, across the bridge) PS- one bruh brought me a salt shaker full of coke..I don’t do that these days, during na, on real, don’t do it much now at all

Jannetty’s history with cocaine has been well documented. He once posted a photo of himself while covered in nose candy.

Marty Jannetty is still doing his thing as he showed off a can of Crown Royal Whisky & Cola in the post. He’s obviously still imbibing in alcohol, but the cocaine use might be something he’s not ready to 100% admit to, sometimes, maybe.

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