WWE has a certain type of person that they’re looking for to sign, because they have a vision of younger and larger Superstars in the company’s developmental brand. This new vision from Vince McMahon is no secret anymore, but QT Marshall also understands it all too well.

Riju Dasgupta recently spoke to QT Marshall when WWE’s proclivity to sign larger and younger talent came up. He has been in that situation before and spoke about it in candid detail. He also admitted that it is easier to train athletes over wrestling fans, because they understand certain aspects of training that are harder to grasp for those coming in without any previous experience.

“Unfortunately, I’ve been to so many of those tryouts (WWE), so many of those extra gigs where it’s like, ‘How tall are you? How much do you weigh?’  Just all these things, and it’s like, ‘Wait. You’re not even giving me a chance to wrestle yet before you’re asking me these questions.’”

“I remember at one of the tryouts I went to, they literally told us, ‘We can teach anyone how to wrestle.’ What an arrogant mindset at the time. I do understand what they’re talking about because I have actual professional athletes that come to me and want to train. Of course, it’s easier to train them than if they’re wrestling fans because they’re athletic already. You don’t have to teach them to go to the gym and do all these other things, but at the same time, when you have 50 people in there that are all trying to become professional wrestlers, and you basically tell them that the wrestling part doesn’t matter, that stuck with me.”


“That was in 2009, so that was 12 years ago.  The fact that I still remember it to this day obviously left an impression on me. When they did all those cuts recently which is terrible, I honestly hope it’s some good stuff for us.”

It takes a lot of work to become a pro wrestler, but WWE has their eye on a certain type of recruit at this point. QT Marshall can now watch WWE from afar while knowing that he has a secure spot in AEW.

There was once a time when Marshall had to deal with WWE’s rules about who they are looking to train. WWE obviously feels that they can turn anyone into a pro wrestler. That mindset might be an arrogant one, but it is also the direction WWE has and they don’t seem to be diverting their focus.

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