Paul Wight has embraced Hot Boi Summer, or whatever’s left of it. The former WWE superstar is living it up at AEW, and working with the rising talent at AEW Dark: Elevation. Captain Insano, Wight’s character from The Waterboy, is also making return to the spotlight. Fans should be prepared for a lot of things from the former Big Show, including his in-ring debut at All Out.

Wight has also been busy with his work in Fast & Furious: Spy Racers. It’s now time for promotion, and the Paul Wight took to WrestleZone. He talked about him rocking one of The Wingmen’s “Hot Boi Summer” shirts.

It’s funny, the ‘Hot Boi Summer’ shirt all came up with Nemeth, and Ryan and those guys. I like what they do for setting themselves apart, and their characters and their goofiness. The whole thing with that was, we’re playing cards—because I like to play a lot of cards—I said, ‘I’ll tell you what, if you guys win, I’ll wear your damn t-shirt on Elevation.’

Wight admitted that it was him playing cards and losing that ended him up on air while he sported the shirt. He added that he really liked the gimmick and how these guys set themselves apart.


As soon as I say that then my hands started going downhill real fast. Whether ‘Pretty’ Peter [Avalon] is a side card shark dealer who started dealing me some pretty bad hands or not, I don’t know. But I’m a man of my word. I wore the shirt, so there you go.

The AEW superstar added that he’s getting ready for his September 5’s in-ring appearance on AEW All-Out. While he has been experimenting with outfits and other things, he added that it would be pretty sick for AEW to get the rights of his Captain Insano’ persona.

The only way my gear would change anymore is because if we can get the rights to Captain Insano, then I will bust out the full Captain Insano gear at some point. So, we’re still working on that, playing with that down the road. So, hold your breath, but Captain Insano might make an appearance in AEW soon, brother.

Wight is dealing with exciting possibilities at AEW. His battle with Shaq O’Neal might finally happen at AEW. He also wants a match against the legend, Sting, and he’s really enjoying the process of reinventing himself at AEW.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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