Sami Zayn’s current gimmick on Friday Night Smackdown sees him as a conspiracy theorist who thinks WWE is out to get him at every opportunity and has been a hit with fans. It’s rather entertaining and has been proven to have legs as the angle still stretches on. It seems he even impressed Roman Reigns.

Sami Zayn’s feud with the likes of Kevin Owens over the years has drawn a lot of praise from fans and pro wrestlers alike. Zayn continues to hone his craft and is a highlight of WWE television.

While speaking to BT Sports’ Ariel Helwani, Roman Reigns was asked about which WWE superstars could serve as his opponents in the future. Roman Reigns named Big E as one of his possible opponents.

After that he named Sami Zayn as another future opponent and gave massive props to him, revealing that he wants more television time for Sami Zayn.

“One guy, he… I don’t know how to get there without smacking the *** out of him but Sami Zayn is one of those guys that where you can’t… He’s like your neighbor, he doesn’t scream Superstar, WWE Superstar. But there’s something he has, like an intangible that you can’t stop looking. Even in real life you want to converse with him, you want to have a quick little conversation, he’ll pop you real quick, and then say, ‘Alright, I got a good laugh and now I’ll go about my business. See you later, Sami.’ He’s one of those guys that’s so talented that he, whatever it may be, it just needs a little more. If you can get Sami Zayn on TV more, that’s a good thing.”

Sami Zayn was previously seen being decimated by Finn Balor after Balor made his return to Friday Night Smackdown. The two have faced each other on live shows and even John Cena had a lot of praise for those matches. We will have to wait and see if Sami Zayn will get more television time in WWE or not.

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