Sami Zayn had a chance to show a trailer for his documentary which promises to expose all of the dirty secrets of WWE. The company is still apparently getting in his way from revealing the full truth to the world. Now they are making Zayn waste his time with Cameo videos.

We previously reported that WWE and Cameo have partnered up once again to put out Hell in Cell Cameo videos. Rhea Ripley was the first Superstar to sell out all 10 Cameo videos. Sami Zayn is not happy about this new task.

The Underdog From The Underground posted on Twitter to let everyone know that he is doing those Cameo videos. He’s not thrilled about it as he threw a little shade at the company for getting in the way of his progress once again.

In their latest effort to slow me down during post-production of my documentary that exposes the vast conspiracy against me, @WWE is now making me do Cameo videos for Hell in a Cell.


We’ll have to see if any of those 10 Sami Zayn Cameo videos are released by the fans who buy them. Zayn might have a lot to say in those personalized video messages, for sure. If anything, he has a lot to say on social media.

We’re still waiting on that tell-all documentary, but the fact that WWE is still putting Sami Zayn in line to do Cameo videos is still a good sign of his status with the company. Zayn also cut a little video promo to plug his Cameos, and it’s quite entertaining. You can check that out below.

What’s your take on Sami Zayn’s documentary film? Will it ever see the light of day? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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