Kane was one of the biggest WWE superstars back in the day. Having had many transformations, Kane has made his way up in the world. Glenn Jacobs is the mayor of Tennessee’s Knox County, which makes him an accomplished politician.

The Big Red Machine has always been feared. However, Jacobs revealed at the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw podcast that Kane’s character was going to be named “Inferno.” Jacobs also talked about what led him to work with The Undertaker.

I was always under contract with WWE from 1995 when I signed that developmental deal through Isaac Yankem, the fake Diesel, and then Kane. I was back working with Lawler. I was under a mask because they didn’t want anyone to know that this was Isaac Yankem, then the fake Diesel guy. The Kane thing came about when Vader got arrested in Kuwait. They had that deal where Leon had roughed up the talk show host and literally got arrested in Kuwaiti jail. They needed someone to work with Mark (Undertaker).

Kane said that while Inferno as a name sounded very comicbook character-esque, “Kane” hit the spot. With The Undertaker in the mix, the name seemed like a biblical reference.


Initially, the character was going to be called Inferno. Bruce always liked the name Kane. I thought Inferno sounded very comic book characterish for where we were going with this, so we suggested the name Kane. Undertaker when he initially came in was Kane the Undertaker, and then they dropped the Kane part and it became the Undertaker. Also with the biblical story of Kane and Abel, we thought that fit.

Kane’s character has been very uncertain While there was “Green” Kane gimmick planned, it never saw the light of day. X-Pac had also suggested an “Exploding Deathmatch” against him, which never happened either.

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