Kane is Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, but he still gets in time at the gym. A recent tweet from Glenn Jacobs’ personal account got a lot of attention when Kane chimed in.

Jacobs’ personal Twitter account posted a photo of himself working out in the gym. In the caption he said: “I’m a big believer of exercising my right to keep and bare arms.” The joke was that his massive arms were in the frame as he looked at himself in the mirror.

Then @WWEKane, the official Twitter account for Kane, quote retweeted Glenn Jacobs to say: “Looking good, Mr. Mayor.”

Plenty of fans had a lot of fun with this tweet. One fan suggested, “You should use this as a gimmick if you ever return… you can be Glenn Jacobs, then you start to feel dizzy and pass out and come out as Kane, cause absolute mayhem and then wake up after as a non the wiser Glenn again, almost like the green goblin, that would be badass haha”

Other fans shared a meme of Spider-Man pointing at himself. It was certainly a nice talking piece and social media distraction for a minute as fans made memes and shared a little laugh over Glenn Jacobs’ sense of humor, and him making great use of two verified Twitter accounts.

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Felix Upton

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