Goldberg is one of the very few WWE Hall of Famers who still keeps in peak condition. As he has only two matches left in his WWE contract, it seems that his son Gage Goldberg will be filling into his shoes very soon.

The former Universal Champion’s son Gage Goldberg has appeared on WWE television in recent weeks. He was also used as fodder in Goldberg’s feud with Bobby Lashley. Many fans spoke up about how much Gage has grown since we saw him last.

Bill Goldberg appeared on WWE The Bump this week. He talked about his 15-year old son potentially joining WWE. He urged that he doesn’t want to pick his path and force him down a road.

I don’t want to choose his path. The kid’s 15-years-old, and he’s a hell of a baseball player and a hell of a football player. And if one day he wanted to step in the ring, you know, I would support it 100 percent.


Goldberg also said that if his son makes that call, he’ll be as big target as Goldberg is in the ring. As he has a legacy of constant domination through sheer strength, he said that his son is likely to follow the same footsteps.

But I would also let him know to be prepared to be a target, as he is probably right now. As a father, I would be behind him 100 percent. Just know, if he did, he would be the biggest and baddest to ever step in the ring, just like his dad.

The WWE Hall of Famer has not stepped into the ring since the ThunderDome event. While he recently expressed that he wants piece of Roman Reigns, he is also willing to face John Cena after SummerSlam. Whatever turn Goldberg takes next, it’s sure to be legendary.

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