Charlotte Flair is an absolute powerhouse of a pro-wrestler. The WWE diva is always at the top of her game. While she stayed in WWE as Andrade and Ric Flair went off to AEW, she is still holding her own pretty well.

Flair has nothing left to prove, but that doesn’t mean she’s spared of negative criticism. Almost all pro-wrestling divas get criticized heavily on social media, and Charlotte Flair is no exception.

Charlotte was in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. When they asked her about her thoughts on the huge difference between the social media criticism male pro-wrestlers face as opposed to female pro-wrestlers, she had quite a lot to say.

Two things. So, I was really hurt by the social media criticism when I returned because I came back in the best shape of my career. Because I had lost 20 pounds, people assumed things. I made a point to come back in the most incredible shape ever. And it was really the first time since 2015 that I had been away for a significant amount of time. In terms of social media, it’s a day-by-day thing. I always have to remind myself that it’s easier to be negative than positive.


It’s easier to hide behind a keyboard. And someone that is putting someone else down for their physical appearance already must hate themselves to some degree. So you have to feel sorry for them that they do that to themselves. That’s the only way that I can deal with it. I say to myself, ‘Why are you in such a bad place to feel that about me.’ In terms of negativity, I pick and choose my shots, try not to respond because they want the shout-out, they want the notoriety, they want the attention. It’s so important to not give negativity life. Just rise above it, wear that invisible crown, hold your chin high, and don’t let the crown slip.

SummerSlam is right around the corner, and Flair is slated to face Nikki ASH & Rhea Ripley in triple threat match. As the RAW Women’s Championship is on the line, Flair will be ready to give it her all and face the music.

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