Charlotte Flair has been having turbulent time at WWE as of late. While her reign as the queen seems to be shaking, her fiancé Andrade is in AEW, and her famous father Ric Flair might join him eventually.

Flair has been dominating the world of WWE Divas for years and years. Her performance has been tremendous, and her work ethic has been inspirational. However, she claims that there is someone who is better than her, and it’s John Cena.

Charlotte Flair spoke to The Herd, where she revealed that John Cena has had strong influence on her given his determination and strong work ethic. She talked about the upcoming Cena Vs Reigns match that is set for SummerSlam.

This match is bigger than just Cena vs. Roman. It’s these two massive superstars and what they mean to our industry. When I first started, I always said I wanted to be the Cena of the company because no one works as hard as John Cena. He has a work ethic second to none. Then you have Roman, the new face of the company, he’s been the face for a while, but he’s come into his own and is a new character and you’re seeing all these layers. He’s saying, ‘Yes, there are levels to this.’ I don’t necessarily find myself rooting for Roman or Cena, it’s the spectacle of it. It’s like SummerSlam has turned into a mini-WrestleMania and seeing these two superstars, and Cena has transcended WWE and Roman just go at it. I’m just here for the ride.


Flair was prompted with the question of if she knew Cena would become a huge WWE superstar the first time she saw him. She shockingly said in her reply that she didn’t remember the first time she glanced upon him, but it quickly became apparent.

I don’t necessarily remember the first time I saw him wrestle or notice he was a star, but when you see him speak on WWE television, you can’t deny his love and passion and respect for this industry and what the fans mean to him. You can’t fake that. When he talks, you believe every word he’s saying. That, to me, is what drew me to him. He oozes what he’s saying. Roman oozes confidence, but when Cena is talking, you eat every word up.

Cena will take on Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title. Charlotte Flair will have her own battle against Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH in triple threat match. The three WWE Divas will slug it out for the RAW Woman’s Championship at SummerSlam.

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