Matt Riddle and Randy Orton’s RKBro collaboration has really sparked new fascination in the heart of fans. With every new gimmick, there is a possibility of millions in merchandise sold for WWE. Riddle and Orton collaboration provides another angle to it.

Riddle appeared on the Battleground Podcast, where he talked about the potential of Bro Scooters to be made purchasable and sold as WWE merchandise. He told the host of the podcast:

So we’ve talked about the scooters. They are in the works. I think it depends on what kind of — I ride a high-quality scooter. I don’t settle for anything less. I think the WWE wants to make sure if we provide a scooter to our fans, we want to make sure it’s the highest level scooter possible for the best price. I think it’s hard. It’s like with the flip flops, you know, they want to give the people what they want. But at the same time, if you give these people a quality flop, it’s gonna cost them money. We want to make sure everybody can get our product. So I think, you know, you got to find that right scooter. It’ll happen one day, bro. So don’t worry. 

The Bro seems determined to give fans what they want. He said that even if a quality production of scooters doesn’t pan out, he will at least get the fans sticker kits.


If anything, I’m at least gonna get sticker kits for us. Yeah, so you have your own RK-Bro scooter for whatever scooter you have.

Matt Riddle is one of the biggest stars on the RAW roster. The superstar was at the receiving end of an RKO a while back. He said that he was disappointed in what went down between himself and Randy Orton. However, as the RKBros get together for a tag-team match against AJ Styles and Omos on SummerSlam, it seems that they’re likely to carry on sticking together.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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