WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has proven himself to be a very dominant champion over the past few months. He is set to take on Goldberg at SummerSlam in match that few fans have any real interest in. He is also open to fighting in Bellator again in the future.

Being the top champion in the company, it is for certain that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has a lot of faith in him to carry Monday Night RAW during the current pandemic era.

While speaking to The Ringer Wrestling Show, Bobby Lashley was asked about his relationship with Vince McMahon. Lashley revealed that he has Vince McMahon’s number and can call him up anytime Lashley wants and stated that McMahon loves him.

“It’s good. There’s so many people that push me and say, ‘You have to be in Vince’s office every day.’ I’m not that guy. I don’t do it. I have Vince’s number. I can talk to him anytime. I can go to his office anytime.  Open door policy.  When I come in, he gives me a big hug.  Vince loves me.  He loves me because I think Vince understands me.  Vince is that hard worker like me.  He sees that in me.  He knows that he can send me anywhere around the world and I’m not going to get in trouble.  I’m always going to represent the company really well.  I’m always going to do the right thing.  You can put me on stage.  I’m always going to be in great shape.  I’m always going to be ready for matches.  I’m that guy.  I’m that military guy that you can use for your company and be around. I think Vince respects that and he likes that.  Our relationship is good. 


You do see some people where they are there all the time politicking.  They have something new, and they end up on PPVs, and all these different things.  You wonder, ‘How are these guys jumping up there?’  It’s because they’re constantly in there.  It’s a good thing and a bad thing.  I think it’s a good thing because Vince will even say it himself that, ‘I know you want it if you’re in here bugging me’, but at the same time, I think he knows I want it without going in there bugging him because that’s not me.  I’m not going to beg for something.  If you don’t think that I have it, then you’re not going to put me there. If you think that I have it, you’re going to put me there, and you know I’m going to do everything that I can when I get there.”

It’s certainly surprising just how close Bobby Lashley is to Vince McMahon, as McMahon doesn’t even pick up ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s phone calls whenever Austin calls him up.

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h/t to Wrestling News.co for the quotes.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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