Seth Rollins’ current gimmick sees him as The Messiah, a very annoying and obnoxious heel character and has certainly managed to get under the skin of many. He also is apparently not one to follow script.

Nowadays in WWE, most Superstars are handed a script that they have to remember and speak as part of their promos. A large section of the WWE Universe criticize scripted promos as they feel it restricts WWE Superstars.

While speaking to the Sports Media podcast, Seth Rollins talked about how scripted his promos usually are. Rollins claimed that he doesn’t really do scripted promos in WWE. Those scripted promos take away his own authenticity, something he strives to retain.

”Lately, scripted is so tough because…I would say (I do) almost zero percent scripted in the sense that, I don’t write things down on a piece of paper and read them and memorize them in that way. That doesn’t really work for me. Scripted in the sense that, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to say when I go out to the ring and grab a microphone, but it’s not written down. It’s like it’s written in a tablet in my head. There is no piece of paper for me. I can’t do that. I tried it and it doesn’t fly for me.”


“I can’t be authentic in that way, especially because when you’re doing a play or a TV show, there are tons of takes. If you’re doing a play, you’re doing the same thing every night so you get accustomed to knowing how you should act. Wrestling is different every week, it’s episodic television and changes so quickly. For me, script-wise, almost nothing is written on a piece of paper. Most times, I’ve run it out loud to myself or to someone I trust before I go out there. Oftentimes, before the show, if I just have a promo segment, most of the time is writing and re-writing in my head and coming up with different ideas of what I want to say or how I want to get something across or simplifying an idea or asking what works or (figuring out) the goal and the story I want to accomplish with the promo. As we get closer to the show, then I’ll start running it with how I say it, my inflection, my tone, my mood. It’s definitely not the first time (on TV) that I hear the words. I go over it a good amount of times.”

Seth Rollins is currently set to square off against Edge at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view. We will have to wait and see how the match will turn out to be and if he will be able to beat the Rated R Superstar or not. He cut a few great promos on the Rated R Superstar during this program, but only time will tell if he will get the job done in Las Vegas this Saturday.

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