Seth Rollins’ career in WWE has seen many peaks and valleys. Some have also pointed toward Roman Reigns for “ruining” The Messiah with his association. John Cena might be of that opinion, because he inserted Rollins’ name into a promo during RAW, one that was not rehearsed. Vince McMahon loved the segment, but Rollins was a bit irked by it all.

While speaking on a recent conference call to promote SummerSlam, Seth Rollins was asked about that Cena promo. He got kick out of what John Cena said about Dean Ambrose, but he didn’t appreciate how his own name was brought into things. That being said, The Messiah totally understands why his name mentioned.

Roman Reigns doesn’t dictate what I do in the ring, never has been, never will be. Roman Reigns doesn’t dictate my failures or my successes. Roman Reigns can’t make me, just like Roman Reigns can’t ruin me. So, I think that’s the only part of it that I kinda like… er, not my favorite thing. That’s his thing, he has to use my name to fill his narrative, that’s fine. That’s his prerogative. I would do the same thing if I were in his position with his name. That’s the nature of the business. That’s hw we sell tickets and that’s how we get people talking.

Seth Rollins already took shot at Cena following that promo. He tweeted out to say, “Use my name all you want to validate your narrative. Truth is, it only validates my influence. I’m never in danger and I’m always thriving.” It wasn’t 100% clear that Rollins was talking about Cena at the time, but now we have little doubt.


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