Baron Corbin went through some tough times since losing his King of the Ring crown to Shinsuke Nakamura. The King of Strong style had a great night as he won the IC Title, but poor, broke Corbin wasn’t so lucky. Then he took to thievery after suffering a big loss.

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Baron Corbin wrestled Kevin Owens this week, and the Prizefighter had an offer on the table. If Corbin could beat Owens, then he would win $1,000. After all, Corbin really needs that money.

Corbin was unable to beat Owens, but then he took a different tactic. During a backstage interview, he noticed Big E not paying attention to his Money in the Bank briefcase sitting on a table in front of him. This is when Corbin took action.

Before Big E could realize what happened, Baron Corbin swooped in and stole the New Day member’s briefcase. Corbin then ran out of the building with Big E’s contract for a guaranteed title match. It should be noted that Baron Corbin wasn’t even in the Money in the Bank ladder match this year.

Pat McAfee asked if Corbin can cash in the briefcase, and Michael Cole said: “No.” We will have to see what happens next, but this is certainly an interesting twist to Baron Corbin’s storyline.

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