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Tonight’s SmackDown is set to feature Finn Balor going one on one with Baron Corbin after Corbin attacked Balor and cost him his Universal Championship match at SummerSlam.

SmackDown is also expected to feature the fallout of Sasha Banks’s return and attack on SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair on last week’s SmackDown.


It should be interesting to see how things play out on tonight’s show.


SmackDown begins live in Tampa Bay, Florida with Sasha Banks making her way to the ring. Banks says the boss is back in business. Banks says she came back for the spotlight that she created and that she deserves. Banks promises that she will never let anyone steal her spotlight again. A video airs showing Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair winning their tag team match last week before Banks turned on Belair and viciously attacked her. Banks says she exposed Belair last week, Banks says she has been watching Belair week after week making mistakes. Banks says Belair would be nothing without her. Banks says that any other athlete would have thanked Banks for turning them into a star. Banks says she has come back to SmackDown for one thing only, to make Belair pay.

Bianca Belair comes out ton confront Banks. Belair says that Banks was begging Belair to chose to challenge her at WrestleMania. Belair enters the ring and Banks immediately rolls out of the ring. Banks says she does whatever she wants, Belair interrupts her and says if Banks wants the title, then “it’s own”. Zelina Vega makes her way out and says that last week Belair accepted Vega’s challenge before Banks came out. Belair says she will see Banks at SummerSlam and says she will face off against Vega tonight. A graphic is shown that promotes a match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship between Belair and Vega.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio talk backstage. Rey is upset that Dominik challenged Jey Uso to a match tonight. Rey says they can’t risk a loss tonight to stop their momentum in their upcoming tag team title match against The Usos at SummerSlam.

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Jey Uso VS Dominik Mysterio

Our opening match begins with a lock up. Jey backs Dominik into the corner Dominik escapes and sends Jey to the ropes and Jey answers with a shoulder tackle. Dominik hits a drop kick and hits an arm drag off the top rope. Jey hits a back breaker and covers for two. The two trade punches before Jey hits a big right hand to send Dominik outside. Jey hits a kick to send Jey to the barricade and slides through the ropes to sunset flip Jey into the barricade.

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Back live with Jey holding Dominik in a chin lock. Jey hits a neck breaker and covers for two. Jey charges to the corner but Dominik moves to cause Jey to crash into the corner. Dominik hits a neck breaker and covers for two. Dominik hits a moonsault off the ropes to Jey. Dominik rolls and sends Jey to the ropes. Dominik hits the 619 and goes to the top rope. Rey prevents interference from Jimmy Uso. Off the distraction Jey hits a super kick and hits a top rope splash to cover for the three count.

Winner: Jey Uso

Edge is walking back stage when he is interviewed. Edge calls Seth Rollins “One selfish bastard” Edge says that when Rollins gets to the arena, he can meet Edge in the ring.

Rick Boogs appears at the top of the ramp and begins to play his guitar and introduces King Nakamura who comes out to the ring as Boogs plays his theme on guitar.

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King Nakamura VS Apollo Crews

The match begins with the two exchanging wrist locks. Crews ducks a kick and hits a shoulder tackle. Crews lifts Nakamura and bounces him off the top rope and hits a lariat. Crews dodges a knee and hits a kick to the heas. Nakamura hits the running knee in the corner and hits a drop kick and covers for two. Nakamura goes for a cover but Commander Azeez breaks up the cover to cause the dq finish.

Winner by Disqualification: King Nakamura

Kayla Braxton is standing outside of Roman Reigns’ locker room trying to get an interview. A video is aired of last week’s SmackDown showing John Cena signing the contract for a Universal Championship match at SummerSlam. Paul Heyman comes out of the locker room and angrily asks Braxton what she wants. Heyman says John Cena stole a championship match. Heyman compares Cena’s actions to Heyman sneaking up from behind Tom Brady and signing his contract and being entitled to Brady’s money. Heyman says WWE is enabling Cena to slide his way into a championship match he does not deserve. Heyman turns around and Big E is standing their with his Money in the Bank briefcase laughing at Heyman.

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SmackDown returns with Tamina in the ring holding both of the Women’s Tag Team Championship belts. The team of Shotzi and Nox make their way out to the ring.

Tegan Nox VS Tamina

The match begins with Nox rolling out of a Samoan Drop and kicking Tamina into the corner. Tamina hits a headbutt to knock Nox to the ground. Nox ducks a charging Tamina to cause her to hit the corner. Nox hits a cannon ball into the corner and covers for two. Tamina dodges the shining wizard and hits a suer kick. Tamina is distracted by a missile from Shotzi’s tank being fired and Nox rolls up Tamina for the three count.

Winner: Tegan Nox

Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are approached by Zelina Vega. Vega angrily asks when she is getting her championship match tonight. Deville says that Belair does not make matches, she does. Pearce says that if Vega wins tonight, she will be in line for a championship match after SummerSlam.

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SmackDown returns with Edge in the ring. Edge says that Seth Rollins isn’t here tonight. Edge says he doesn’t blame Rollins but that it’s good for him because for what Edge would do to him, he would be in jail. Edge says that he would be fine with leaving the past alone. Edge says that looking at Rollins is like looking at a mirror into his past. Edge says that this won’t end well for either of them, but it needs to end. Rollins appears on the titantron via satellite. Rollins says that Edge is right that there are similarities between the two. Rollins says that you always have to have a plan b. Edge says he does have a plan b and Edge officially challenges Rollins to a match at SummerSlam. Rollins says he calls the shots here, not Edge. Rollins says he will think about Edge’s challenge and that Edge should too. Rollins says Edge knows what happens when he stomps someone with a healthy neck, but that if Rollins stomps Edge’s surgically repaired neck, Edge’s career is over and that he doesn’t know Edge can be a husband and a father. Edge furiously responds to Rollins. Edge says he has eliminated Rollins from two Royal Rumbles, all because Rollins never pulled the trigger. Edge calls Rollins “Edge light” Rollins snaps and says that he is better than Edge in every single way and Rollins accepts Edge’s challenge for SummerSlam.

Finn Balor is interviewed backstage. Balor says he was this close to signing a contract to a Universal Championship match before Baron Corbin stuck his nose where it doesn’t belong. Balor says that if Corbin wants to get back on his feet, he needs to learn honor and integrity and that Balor will teach him the hard way. Balor says that when he’s done with Corbin, he has a bone to pick with John Cena.

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The Street Profits VS Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

The match begins with Montez Ford and Roode in the ring. Roode dodges a kick and a moonsault and hits a kick to the mid section of Ford. Ford hits a backflip into a drop kick. Roode gets up to hit a big slam to cover for two. Ziggler is tagged in and hits a drop kick and covers for two. Roode is tagged in and taunts Angelo Dawkins on the apron. Ford gets to his feet to hit an enziguri. Ford makes the tag to Dawkins and hits a splash to Ziggler. Ziggler rolls through for a two count. Dawkins hits a spinning neckbreaker and Roode breaks up the cover. Ziggler hits the famouser to Dawkins and covers for two. Dawkins hits with a spinebuster and tags in Ford for the frog splash and covers for three.

Winners: The Street Profits

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Bianca Belair VS Zelina Vega

Our newly made non title match begins with a shoulder tackle from Belair. Vega hits a double knee strike to Belair and covers for two. Belair throws Vega into the corner and Vega hits an eblow to the head and covers for two. Belair is rolled into the ropes and Vega grabs Belair’s hair and ties her up in the ropes until the referee’s almost gets to five. Belair picks up Vega for a slam but Vega escapes over the top rope. Belair hols Vega in a press while Sasha Banks comes out to cause a distraction and allow Vega to hit a huricanrana.

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SmackDown returns with Belair flipping through a head scissors and Belair powers Vega up and slams Vega to the mat. Belair hits a moonsault after bouncing off the ropes with a flip and covers for two. Belair counters a sleeper hold into a suplex, Belair rolls through but Vega escapes the second suplex attempt. Belair rolls to the outside and Vega goes for a huricanrana but Belair catches her and slams her into the barricade. In the ring Belair hits the Kiss of Death and covers for three.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Roman Reigns is shown backstage approached by Paul Heyman. Heyman informs that Finn Balor VS Baron Corbin is up next and Reigns says he’s interested.

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Finn Balor VS Baron Corbin

The match begins with immediately hiding in the corner and grabbing a mic. Corbin says he’s desperate and he apologizes to Balor. Balor says that the apology isn’t accepted and attacks Corbin. Balor dodges Corbin charging to the corner but is caught and suplexed by Corbin. Corbin backs Balor in the corner and throws punches to Balor. Balor hits a double leg take down and hits a double foot stomp to Corbin. Balor hits a sling blade and drop kicks Corbin into the corner. Balor goes to the top rope and hits the Coup de Grace and covers for three.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the match, Balor grabs a mic and says that he would’ve smiled and accepted what happened if it were three years ago. Balor says that Finn is dead and he wants Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship and he is willing to go through John Cena. Roman Reigns interrupts Balor and makes his way out with Paul Heyman by his side.

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Back live with Reigns entering the ring. Reigns says that he understands why Balor is upset and why he is running his mouth on Cena. Reigns says he tried to help Balor and give him an opportunity. Reigns tells Balor to keep the Head of the Table’s name out of his mouth. Balor drops the mic and shoves Reigns out of the ring. Reigns turns back to stare at Balor and climbs to the apron and The Usos attack Balor from behind. The Usos hit a double team Samoan Drop as Reigns leaves the ring to go to the back. Jimmy goes for a frog splash but Balor rolls out of the way. Balor takes down both Usos ad Reigns watches. Balor hits a dive over the top rope to hit both Usos. Balor points to Reigns and Reigns runs to the ring. Baor hits a sling blade and goes to the corner but is grabbed by The Usos who hold Balor in place for reigns to hit a Superman punch and Jey Uso hits a frog splash. Reigns puts Balor in the guillotine submission hold as Balor taps out and Reigns throws him to the mat. Reigns holds up the Universal Championship as SmackDown goes off the air.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown. Let us know what you thought and we’ll see you back here next Friday for more SmackDown coverage. Until then, stay safe!

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