Former WWE Superstar Braun Strowman has been keeping himself busy with his various ventures after parting ways with the company. He has also been keeping his fans up to date with his physique on Instagram by showing off a couple of new looks.

The former Universal Champion has once again taken to the social network to share a recent photo of his incredible physical appearance. He included a lengthy caption that also admitted to running off people in his life whom he really cared about. The Monster Among Men did not go into many specifics about that, but he is now sifting through the ashes to rebuild himself.

Update!!!! After five days of less than 50g of carbs a day I was 343 today. Still holding some water but I’m ok with that. I have a big refeed coming to blow back up. Really enjoying this new program @mental_entity has been helping me with. I have a whole new fire lit under me to better myself not only my physical appearance but my mentality. To be a better healthier more loving person and stop being negative and hateful to things for no reason.

I’ve gone through some really ruff times as of late and ran off a lot of people I really cared about in life and it kills me knowing I hurt other people in me being so negative. All I can do now is sift through the ashes of everything I burned down and hope for forgiveness and start to rebuild myself for the better to show to everyone that I can and I WILL CHANGE!!!


He said he was hoping for forgiveness after rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, which isn’t hard to believe. During the beginning of the pandemic, Strowman sent out controversial tweet criticizing indie wrestlers for seeking financial help. Now that he no longer works for a multi-billion-dollar company, he found out the hard way how it felt to be out of work during a global pandemic. He is charging $20k per appearance, plus two days’ lodging, travel, and meals.

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Israel Lutete

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