The Bollywood Boyz were sadly released from their WWE contracts in a recent round of cuts. Prior to their release from WWE, the pair of brothers Gurv and Harv Sihr have a lot under their belt, from being fierce competitors for the Cruiserweight Champion to managing the Maharaja Jinder Mahal himself.

While the two conversed with Wrestling Inc, they revealed the nature of their relationship with WWE president Vince McMahon himself.

We would mostly see him in gorilla position after we would do our segment and get the thumbs up from the boss. Sometimes not being called over is a good thing. Anything you can just walk back and get the thumbs up, no news is good news. Just go about your business. Our interactions were very limited, but when we did talk to him they were all very positive. He’s a busy man, you can only make time for so many.

While Vince wasn’t keeping a keen eye on the two, Triple H sure was. The two detailed on how Triple H was a constantly nurturing presence, giving them tips as much as he could.

When we got signed, it was under his eye. He was always giving feedback whenever possible. I remember after the India show [he was] shaking hands with us and saying thank you for the work, saying how we’ve all waited a long time for a show like this. It was many years in the making. Especially going back to the India show in January, they put a lot of hard work into that and producing that show and making it happen. Who knows what the plans are for more like that as far as the future goes, but having the boss pat you on the back after a main event match [was special].

The brothers also revealed the level of involvement Vince had when the tapings and preparations for NXT events were ongoing. They revealed a shocking detail, stating that he was “never” around.

WWE’s Superstar Spectacle was a really special event for the brothers, as it was aired in India on the occasion of the Republic Day. The brothers said that it was one of their favorite memories from their time at WWE.

That [show had] one of the best cold opens I’ve ever seen. It gave us goosebumps and flashbacks to our parents and everything they worked for in India because they were immigrants. They moved here in the 70s. Our father’s story about immigrating here and driving a bus or our mom being a retailer worker, it’s that old school work hard mentality. For us, the India show was more for them than it was for us. That’s why I think when Hunter said, ‘Hey, you guys have waited a long time for this,’ it’s like, ‘Here, mom and dad, this one’s for you.

The Bollywood Boyz also talked about their arduous journey from 205 to Smackdown, which wasn’t easy. They explained that instead of pushing towards the big roster directly, they rocketed towards NXT, and were willing to go to NXT UK.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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