Mark Carrano is no longer with WWE and he was fired after Mickie James let the world know how the company sent her a trash bag care package. The drama that poured out after that was enough to fill up a gossip site, but all of those awful stories about Mark Carrano seem to be true.

Carrano’s ex blasted him for stealing WWE Title belts, and she even revealed where he hides them in his home. She also said that Carrano was trying to get fired from WWE for the outstanding severance package.

Former WWE referee Marty Elias recently spoke to Wrestling Inc about his time in WWE. He was fired for wearing a KISS t-shirt to work and breaking the company’s dress code. That was just the tip of the iceberg, because he also revealed that Carrano spread false rumors about him that he sexually harassed the women’s roster and sold pills to “the boys.”

“When I reached out to Triple H, Paul Levesque, who I’ve worked with countless times, I reached out to him in July of 2017, and I have the email to prove it.”

“I reached out to him because I had been hearing a lot of different things, rumors and innuendos that were going on. I sent an email to Paul, and Paul went and asked Mark Carrano, ‘Why haven’t we done business with Marty Elias?’ And the reason I know this is because John Cone was there at this meeting, or when Hunter went in and asked Mark Carrano that specific question.”

“John was privy to this. He asked Mark point blank, ‘Why haven’t we done business with Marty Elias?’ Mark Carrano started to proceed and tell Paul the reason why they hadn’t done business with me and had worked with me is because of the fact that I had been sexually harassing Divas. I had been doing things with Divas, harassing them, calling them, text messaging them. He said that I had heat with all the referees. He said that nobody liked me, and he said that I was selling pills to a lot of the boys. It was very, very untrue, had no validity to anything.”

He went on to reveal more about those talks with Triple H. Apparently, Mark Carrano had a vendetta against Elias and he spread untrue accusations to accomplish his goal of burying him in the company.

“John Cone, as I mentioned, was privy to that meeting, so John Cone, in turn, called Chad Patton, who called me and let me know what was said and what happened. So when I found that out, I sent Paul an email asking him, ‘What’s the deal?’ I said, ‘This is not true because if these things were true, and they had any validity to them, then that would have killed my career with GLOW, and television and music.”

“All these other accusations that he was making weren’t true.’ I did reach out to Paul and his assistants from time to time to ask if I can at least talk to Paul and get my five minutes with him to clear my name because I don’t care if I ever go back to WWE or professional wrestling. I’ve made my mark. I’ve done great things in the business. The folks who are doing it today, they’re trying to achieve what I have achieved. I’ve already done that, but my thing is, as a human being, and who I am, I just want my name cleared because back in 2017, when these accusations were made, and I sent an email to Paul, that was one of the things that I mentioned to him.”

“I said, ‘This is not true. These statements and these accusations that are very slanderous and can really have an impact on my career, whether it be television, music, or professional wrestling,’ and unfortunately, Paul never got back to me. Nobody ever got back to me. A couple of times, his assistants did send me correspondence saying, ‘Oh yeah, Paul would love to talk to you. Let’s connect,’ but nothing ever came of it.”

We’ll have to see if Marty Elias ever comes back to WWE. He is slowly making his way back into the pro wrestling world. Perhaps things will be much better for Marty Elias in WWE, especially since Mark Carrano is no longer in the picture.

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