Mark Carrano is no longer with WWE and the stories about the former head of Talent Relations are now coming out. A lot of those accounts are not favorable at all.

We previously reported how Carrano’s ex called him out for stealing WWE title belts and trying to kill her cat. She had a lot more dirty laundry to air about their relationship.

He would insist on calling her his fiancé, but she said “marriage isn’t her thing.” She also detailed a few controlling instances of Mark Carrano’s mind games, including yelling at her for being at a funeral. These accounts were unloaded in now-deleted tweets.

“Mark Carrano once told me that everyone working in TR at WWE was a moron which is why he couldn’t take a real vacation, he said he had no one to cover for him. I stuck up for the people even though I didn’t know any of them at the time.”

“One time Mark Carrano yelled at me because I didn’t answer my phone when he called. I WAS AT A FUNERAL!!!”

“Mark Carrano would introduce me to everyone as his fiancé. Which would make me uncomfortable because marriage isn’t my thing.”

“Mark Carrano enjoyed putting me in sticky situations so he could swoop in at the last minute to try and be my knight in shining armour. What it resulted in is many many head games that left me confused and wondering what the heck?”

It was also said that Mark Carrano wanted to get fired by WWE. His house is paid for and he worked for WWE for twenty years. He was due for a massive severance package, which was probably handed to him along with his release.

Felix Upton

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