Matt Cardona beat Nick Gage for the GCW World Title at their Homecoming event, and fans were furious. The ring announcer gave a sad introduction for their new champion as fans hurled bottles and many other things at the ring. It was quite a sight and many were talking about this the next day.

Dave Meltzer came down on fans throwing things in the ring. GCW even made up a t-shirt with his tweet on it to mock him, something he said that GCW did not tell him that they were doing.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went into this subject and why he doesn’t like fans throwing things into the ring. He said that accidents can happen which can result in fan injuries. He witnessed a woman carried off on a stretcher years ago when another fan accidentally hit her instead of the ring with something they were throwing. He also revealed that GCW allegedly orchestrated the whole scene with plants in the audience.

“In the thing with Game Changer, it was a set up spot. They did have plants throwing empty bottles that wouldn’t hurt anything to get other people to do it. So, they were encouraging it. Most of the people did throw empty bottles. It was mostly safe. When Matt [Cardona] left they didn’t throw anything, because they all knew the game, so they were safe. But, there were also full bottles thrown — not a lot — all it takes is one person who doesn’t know the game and he wants to get in on it, and it hits a fan or he hits a wrestler and he hurts somewhere and it’s f*cked and it’s needless. I know this makes me out to be the bad guy, but I find this to be encouragement of this is ridiculous, because it’s not worth the risk.”

To be fair, at least one fan threw a pizza cutter at Matt Cardona, too. So, it wasn’t 100% water bottles. Thankfully, that pizza cutter missed the Broski. Meltzer noted that a lawsuit could result from someone getting hurt during a throwing incident like this. Most pro wrestling fans understand what to throw, but all it takes is one bad throw and that could cause huge issues.

Matt Cardona got a ton of heat with GCW fans when he beat Nick Gage for the GWC World Title. Now we will have to see what kind of reception he receives with his return to the company.

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