Update: Jim Cornette has since spoken out to distance himself from this fan in a huge way, and then he blocked him.

Original: AEW brought their show back on the road this week for Dynamite and they had quite a night at Road Rager. MJF and Chris Jericho’s segment was disrupted by a fan trying to get in on the act, and he was promptly ejected out of the building after taking a punch from Jericho.

Click here for footage of that fan getting dragged out of the building during AEW Dynamite.

That fan has come forward and identified himself as “Fat Bastard,” or @MuufuhkinMark. His profile on Twitter currently features a bio which reads: “Chris Jericho punches like a bitch, and I saw piss running down MJF’s leg.”

He tweeted at Jim Cornette and his co-host Brian Last following his “AEW debut” to ask the podcasting duo what they thought about his little stunt. He also used many phrasings typical to Cornette’s trademark rants.

how did you like my #AEW debut? I did this for all of us real wrestling fans, wrestling is no longer a safe space for friends to dance around and play dress up. Reality can hit at anytime, did they think it is going to be fucking playtime forever?

Later on, he liked a tweet with a meme saying “I did it for Cornette.” As of this writing, Cornette has not tweeted back in response, but we can only imagine he doesn’t approve of a fan jumping the ring under any circumstances.

He also replied to a tweet from Vince Russo saying: “Come to Miami on 7/7 for Dynamite, I’m going to make bitches out of this whole company.”

We will continue monitoring this ongoing story to see if there are any further developments. Hopefully @MuufuhkinMark’s days of jumping security guardrails at pro wrestling events are done.

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