Jimmy Uso was arrested on Monday on a DUI charge and that was his third arrest on the same charges. His first DUI arrest came in 2011, but his second DUI arrest in 2019 was wiped from his record after being found not guilty.

In 2019, Jimmy Uso was arrested after his car was observed going over 100 miles per hour at the time. As TMZ reported at the time that: “We’re told when the cop pulled the wrestler over, he reeked of alcohol … and when the officer tried to administer DUI tests on Uso, he refused.”

Click here for video footage of that arrest from the police’s camera.

Uso was found not guilty of his second DUI arrest in 2019. They couldn’t prove he was driving when they saw him going 100 mph. Court documents from Jimmy Uso’s attorney obtained by Ringside News reads:

On July 25, 2019, Officer Buzbee observed a vehicle traveling westbound on I10 in an excess of 100 mph and drifting within its lane. She observed the vehicle exit the Pine Forest Road exit and continued northbound where the vehicle pulled into the Ticket Sports Bar. Officer Buzbee did not observe the identity of the driver while the car was in motion nor did she see the driver exit the vehicle and go into the Ticket Sports Bar. There is no evidence that the Defendant was driving at the time Officer Buzbee observed the vehicle in motion and/or exiting the vehicle.

The state’s attorney argued that jurors would be confused if Uso’s request for an attorney was used against him in determining whether he was guilty or innocent.

The Defendant did not have a right to have a lawyer present with him at the time Deputy Meek’s requested him to submit to field sobriety exercises and breath testing. His request for a lawyer was a mistaken attempt to seek refuge under a privilege to which he was not entitled. The Defendant’s language in requesting a lawyer is a substitute for a plain refusal. 9. It would be improper and confusing to jurors if counsel argued or implied that the Defendant’s request for a lawyer cannot be used against him in determining his guilt or innocence, when there is no basis in law defending such an implication as to his Fifth Amendment rights. 10. Certainly, with proper evidence, an argument can be made that his denial of a lawyer is perhaps the Defendant’s basis and reasoning for refusing. However, to argue that the Defendant had the constitutional right to refuse to participate in the investigative process

The driving reason behind Uso’s 2019 not guilty verdict was due to police never completing a field sobriety test, because he was detained instead of tested. Despite video camera footage of his arrest, there was no evidence that he was under the influence at the time, which played a factor in his “not guilty” verdict.

Now Uso is facing another DUI situation after his arrest on Monday night. It is a very new situation and, as Ringside News exclusively reported, WWE has not had time to handle this situation yet. The news broke while RAW was in its third house last night and today was filled with recording RAW.

WWE will likely handle this situation with Jimmy Uso, but we are still waiting to find out what direction they will take.

What’s your take on WWE’s course of action in this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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