Scott Hall has been a part of many historic moments in pro wrestling history from that WrestleMania ladder match to the Curtain Call. He also apparently had a great idea for Sting that helped reshape the Icon’s entire career.

While he appeared on 83 Weeks, Scott Hall told a story about pitching The Crow idea to Sting. Hall said he was fresh in WCW and not really chummy with anyone. He didn’t know Sting very well, but they struck up a conversation about how The Stinger was growing his hair out. Sting said he considered keeping his happy guy face paint and bright colors, but Hall had a different suggestion for him.

It was my very first TV in Macon, Georgia. Of course, the boys get there early, and we’re there early. I’m wearing the denim vest and jeans for my opening segment and stuff, and I’m in there and Sting is applying his makeup. At this time, he’s still wearing his surfer color – neon and happy guy tights. But he’s letting his hair grow out. I didn’t really know Sting, and I never really had any heat with him. But he was a top guy when I was there before, and I was a bottom guy. We didn’t move in the same circles, we never wrestled, and we never interacted. I’m one of those guys that if I think it, I say it. I don’t care what our relationship is. He’s putting his makeup on, and I said, ‘You’re growing your hair out, huh?’ He goes, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘I guess frying it all those years is hard on you.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, it was really starting to damage it.’ I said, ‘That’s cool, but are you still gonna wear the happy guy tights?’ He goes, ‘Yeah.’ I’m thinking, now I remember why we didn’t hang out.

I said, ‘Have you ever seen The Crow?’ He goes no, and I said it’s this dark character with the white face paint and the dark lines. I said, ‘I ain’t telling you to rip off Taker, but rip off Taker.’ Different territory, it’s not quite as bad. The way I heard it, he ran it by [Eric Bischoff], they went yes, and we’re off to the races. To me, I don’t need any credit for it. It’s just the right thing to do. I never knew Sting, and we’re a little friendlier these days. To me, once you give a guy an idea and it works, you have a connection with that guy. I never made a road trip with Sting, and we may have eaten dinner once or twice. But I can look across the locker room after that and point at him and go, ‘There’s my boy.’ You get that kind of bond. I don’t know if it happens in other businesses because I’ve only been in the wrestling business, but you connect with guys on different levels. You might give a guy of an idea of a move to do, and it gets over for him. Or something to say in an interview that works. You don’t forget the guys who help you, and you don’t forget the guys who screw you over.

Sting is still using that black and white face paint to this day in AEW. If this story is 100% true then the Icon might want to consider cutting Scott Hall a little “thank you” card that includes a little check to show his appreciation.

Hall might have pitched that idea to Sting, but it was Steve Borden who really made that character come to life on screen. He certainly used that idea and never went back to his Surfer Sting look.

What’s your take on this story? Do you believe Scott Hall? Sound off in the comments!

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